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Rich Vanden Akker was born on Dec 29 1988, He is very out going and very funny but at the same time very kind. He is know to help others with out question. Rich Loves attention and he loves to here what people think about him even if it is not good. Rich can be very shy at some times depending on the situation.

Friday, February 11, 2011

the situation

so im sitting here watching brokeback with a group of amazingly hot chicks and im not paying attention to the movie at all i do not even know what the movies about and this girl leans forword and i saw right down her shirt and saw every thing so now i got a hard on and then she looks up i look away and i start watching the movie and i find out its about the gay men so now im trying to hide my boner and then the girls start payin attention cuz im blushing and im shifting around to hide it i think ill go with i go to the bathroom to take care of it but then one of the girls walk in on me and now i have to explain to them it was not cuz of the movie it was cuz of that one girl so i start explaining why and they are just laughing at me and im thinking to my self ill never get with these girls now to this day i have not lived it down...... it was so awkward explaining this lol btw this is made up think you to the idea jeff  b. comment to tell me you  like it and ill keep making story's up

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