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Rich Vanden Akker was born on Dec 29 1988, He is very out going and very funny but at the same time very kind. He is know to help others with out question. Rich Loves attention and he loves to here what people think about him even if it is not good. Rich can be very shy at some times depending on the situation.

Friday, February 11, 2011

my view of love and my goal in life

there is all different kinds of love, there is the love we have then there is the love for friends and fam and then my love to show kindness to people that need it. my goal in life is to show as much kindness as i can and stop being sad i will do this no mater what ill put others needs in front of my own i do not need money i do not need any thing for my self i just want every one on the world to be happy and loved. so today im going to start a project and that is to go on youtube and facebook and cheer people up and when im walking around out side i will then be kind to random people or do some thing funny. i feel like this is some thing i have to do nothing will stop me. by tell a new post

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