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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do you think

Do you think people can be happy with out having some one in there life?  I do not think it can happen. there has to be some kind of love involued in your life with out you losing your mind some people are so scared about being alone that that they make sure they are never alone. I have been alone now for 2 years and i have a few people i like and im trying to get with  Ill talk about them with out saying there name one i have know for about a month now and she is SO awesome she is funny kind very cute and not that looks matter  but good looking she is a little younger then me but you would not know it we talk all most every day all day. we will name her 1. then there is a girl i know for about 12 years now. She has a kid she has a job i think we do not talk to much any more and when im around her im just sad im not with her more i would love to see her allot more but do to some things we can not see each other as much as we want to well as much as I want to. she is also very kind very cute and very good looking she is VERY mature. ill probly never be with her but it does not hurt to talk about her. I all think she has a boyfriend but like i said im not to sure.. 3 i only know for about 6 months now and she allso has a bf and is very cute but her kindness is so unreal that it attracts me to her she is dealing with some bad things at this time but i wish she would just give me a chance to help her deal with these things. it sounds like to me that her boyfriend is a asshole and is driving her to do some crazy things i wish i could her.

Im going to talk about some thing really really hard for me my dad. he was the coolst person you could no he is so freaking kind to people and never judge sure me and him fought but i was stupid. every one is stupid about some things......... My dad died do to hart attack..... I was suppose to do shovel the drive way but i just got home from work and it was a long shift so i went and took a nap then i hurd my dad shoveling. So i came out side and said dad let me do it he yelled at me no ill do it, after he got done doing the drive way he came in side breathing really hard and that scared me becuase my dad never does  that. as he was in side i herd him yelling at my mom about how lazy i was then i hear a bang. he fell he was now suffering from a hart attack..... my mom yelled for me i then run in there a see him and a break down no not this im so sick to my stomach  just taking about this. as me and my mother was trying to revive my dad even with the dr over the phone. the emt  go to the house and worked really hard to try and revive my dad but did not. he died on dec 10 at 7 30 pm do to hart attack i lost not only my dad but my best friend in the world he would care about things that i cared about he would talk to me and would not yell at me for no reason he all ways took care of us good and it FUCKIN sucks that he is gone im suffering so much right now that im reliving what happen that night i have no idea how to deal with it.....  i then lost my job a few months later was homeless and now im back at my mom trying to get my life together i need help from my friends to get threw this with out you i am not me so thank you for thoes of you that helped me deal with my dads death  and hung out with me.

love you dad Keith Vanden Akker Nov. 24, 1963
Departed on Dec. 10, 2009

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