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Rich Vanden Akker was born on Dec 29 1988, He is very out going and very funny but at the same time very kind. He is know to help others with out question. Rich Loves attention and he loves to here what people think about him even if it is not good. Rich can be very shy at some times depending on the situation.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So every thing is working out for me but i cant help to be paranoid it sucks so much i feel like some thing should go right but i cant help to feel this way i feel lonely even tho im not i do not understand these feelings i know im in love she loves me she has told me so why do i feel this way i do not even know any more i cant help it but feel this way it SUCKS im like crying right now i feel so scared i just hope i get over this what ever it is my girlfriend sent me some numbers to  some people that can help me. Im gonna wait tell next wenesday i think i just need to work i really care about my girl friend i love her so much i know she will read this she reads all my post.. I love her so much i hope she does not get mad that i feel this way i know once i see her every thing will just go away and we will be fine as im typing this im playing the song aftermath-hurt ok thank you for reading i get 300-400 views a month i cant believe you people care please comment more i had some nice comments from some one ok good bye

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