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Rich Vanden Akker was born on Dec 29 1988, He is very out going and very funny but at the same time very kind. He is know to help others with out question. Rich Loves attention and he loves to here what people think about him even if it is not good. Rich can be very shy at some times depending on the situation.

Friday, March 18, 2011

i feel kinda sad

Im feeling kinda down today starting to realize so many different things, most good things. but i can not help to  feel soo sooo down i do not know why , i hope when i talk to my gf tonight she will make me feel better  i need her here but i do not know when thats going to happen i cant even believe that she wants me im so lame dumb and ugly and she is so amazing funny cute so so beautiful . shit as im typing this im having a panic attack shit man this sucks the pain i get from these is unreal its taking me a wile to type this when it should be like 30 secs to type all of this .. i do not know any more im so useless i hope my gf loves me

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