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Rich Vanden Akker was born on Dec 29 1988, He is very out going and very funny but at the same time very kind. He is know to help others with out question. Rich Loves attention and he loves to here what people think about him even if it is not good. Rich can be very shy at some times depending on the situation.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My girlfriend

Im not really good at romantic but im gonna give it shot  my girlfriend is so amazing she tells me she loves me she tells me how much she cares... i care about her so much i love her so much i want her to be around her as much as i can. i  want to wake up next to her i want to see her every day i love her.. she is so freaking beautiful im so attracted to her hart and personalty. she is my world and i want to do every thing i can to make her happy. If she needed my hart to live i would give her my to keep  her alive cuz i could not live with out her she is the greats thing that has ever happened to me... I do how ever need advice to want to talk to her about lol all i keep doing is talk to her about how much i love her lol well we know so much about her all ready ...  

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